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Aussies worry about U.S. mass shootings…

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Former Australian deputy prime minister Tim Fischer is calling for a travel ban  on the USA after the San Bernardino terrorist attack,  denouncing the National Rifle Association,  and boasting the success of Australia’s mandatory gun buyback programs.

After the Oregon shooting in October,  His Oneness  called for implementation of such a buyback program here,  never mentioning that it was not voluntary.   He also did not mention that Australia has no Second Amendment.   Nor did he mention that the efficacy of that program is hotly disputed.

John R. Lott,  author of  “More Guns,  Less Crime”  reported to  the Australian Parliament last year,  and concluded that it was hard to see any real benefits from the program.   A less scholarly,  more easily readable look at it by historian Varad Mehta  is here,  and it reaches the same conclusion.   There is a vast difference between Australia obtaining and destroying some 600,000 weapons,  perhaps a million if you include the illegal arms surrendered,  and the 300 million firearms owned by Americans.

Our Founding Fathers understood that government is coercion,  and gave us the right to resist the government when necessary.   The Second Amendment protects all of the others in the Bill of Rights,  because our founders trusted the American people,  not the government.   His Oneness and Hillary and all other liberal/progressive gun-grabbers commonly use the phrase “common-sense” gun reform.   What they desire is common sense only if you trust the raw power of the government to override the will of the people,  and you wish to make subjects out of citizens by removing a prime means of resistance.   Do you remember Obama’s characterization of the Constitution as “negative rights against the government”?   That told me all I needed to know about the man and his ideology.   It should have been a warning to the voters,  but too many of you either didn’t heed it,  or simply ignored it.   No more,  people.


Written by timeforthorns

December 5, 2015 at 11:45 pm

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