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Unskilled immigrant labor…

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hurts existing  workers,  according to the New York Times,  but that’s in Turkey,  so the same logic can not possibly apply to the USA.   To admit that the same principle applies would undercut the liberal/progressive view on Syrian and other refugees,  so of course the Grey Lady will never apply it.

Does it never occur to these people that their policies hurt the poor and low-skilled most of all?   Of course it does,  but they are perfectly happy to have an underclass desperate and dependent on the government for sustenance.   You must remember that for them,  the end always justifies the means,  so there is no lie too great to tell,  no morality so set in stone that it can not be ignored,  in order for them to achieve permanent control of the world.




Written by timeforthorns

November 30, 2015 at 11:49 pm

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