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Thanksgiving 2015…

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Start with my favorite turkey companion,  cranberry sauce,  although I confess I prefer my homemade to canned.   Then peruse a  fine collection of helpful turkey day hints from Debby Witt at The Corner,  and another one here  and  here.

Samantha Strayer has an  interesting piece  on what presidents’ Thanksgiving proclamations say about America.   Jay Nordlinger also comments  on those proclamations.

Patrice Lewis reminds us that  dumping Communism  saved the Pilgrims.  Andrea Shea King touches on this  and other,  more humorous notes on the occasion.

Today is an inescapably  religious day,  which is one reason progressives despise it so.   Chuck Norris suggest we  all repeat  the 1777 Congressional Thanksgiving prayer  —  it certainly can’t hurt and it might well help.



I will be with a large group of family and friends for a bountiful meal and fellowship at a cousin’s home.  We will all eat too much and enjoy every bite.   Many of us will go home and reward our bad behavior with a nap,  and all of us will give thanks that we live in America,  still the greatest nation on earth,  despite the best efforts of His Oneness.

Be safe if you’re travelling,  and count your blessings as you spare a thought for those who lack your good fortune.


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November 26, 2015 at 10:05 am

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