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SilverPush technology…

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If any of your electronic communication devices have the SilverPush technology,  they are  communicating with  each other to provide information to be used for creating targeted advertising.   SilverPush is in contact with the Center for Democracy and Technology to address privacy concerns and ensure that consumers are informed of the opt-out option on each device enabled with this technology,   but the real worry is that governments will use this creative  technology for other purposes.

As long as I can get replacement batteries for my stupid phone and it still lets me make and receive calls,   I will resist all smart phones.   If you are like some of my friends who shrug and say they don’t care because they’re not doing anything wrong,   I ask you to consider how many people have been placed on the no-fly lists for having a name similar to a possible terror suspect,  or for no apparent reason at all,  and how difficult it is to get your name removed.   I am quite sure the terror watch lists also include a host of totally innocent people targeted because they used certain words  in their communications,  including social media.   I suspect I am on some list somewhere in the bowels of the Obama Administration’s apparatus,  because this blog uses a great many of those words routinely.




Written by timeforthorns

November 21, 2015 at 11:45 pm

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