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Government has the answer…

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Watch this interview with Marc Fitch — the link is embedded in  this article.

My short answer never changes.   The only answer the government ever has is more government and more of your money.   There are very few things it ever does well,  and most of those are performed by the military.   Under His Oneness,  the federal government does absolutely nothing well,  unless you consider that wasting billions of dollars,  persecuting Christians and attempting to eliminate the First and Second Amendments to be actual accomplishments.

If you watched the Democratic debate,  you saw Sanders join the climate change chorus,  O’Malley claim that taking 70% of your money was fair,  and Hillary promote gun control and lies about her foreign policy views.   Any Republican  —  yes,  even Donald Trump  — would be better for the country than any of the Democrats.

You like the massacre in Paris?  Then you don’t need to call your Congress critters and demand that no so-called Syrian refugees come here.   I just watched Obama’s flack,  Ben Rhodes,  claim on Fox New Sunday that the refugees were being vetted.   That was a bald-faced lie.   There is no way to vet them.   There are no databases in Syria and not much of a government.  If we could round up all the Christian clergy there and have them identify their congregation members,  we might have a shot at vetting.   Most of the so-called refugees being stuffed into German villages are men between 18 and 45  –  prime ages for jihadists.  The mainstream media chooses to show you children who have drowned and distraught women,  but women and children are only a fraction of the refugees,  most of whom are not even from Syria.

Assuming you have common sense, call your Congressmen, visit and/or call their local offices nearest you,  and DEMAND that no refugees be admitted to the United States from Syria or anywhere else in the Middle East.  The only exception should be the Iraqis and Afghanis who have served with and helped our military forces,  and those who are proven Christians.

Several towns blocked the resettlement of illegal immigrants earlier this year.  If we all stand firm,  we can do the same in every town,  even the ones with Democratic mayors who want refugees,  or at least the federal funds they believe will accompany them.   We cannot afford to sit on our tails for the next fifteen months.   Get up and do your jobs as American citizens who value their freedoms,  or you will lose them,  if not your lives.




Written by timeforthorns

November 15, 2015 at 11:29 pm

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