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I have a T-shirt which says that,  sent to me by a friend in Special Operations.    He and his colleagues are the tip of a spear which would be wonderfully sharp if our dolt of a commander-in-chief spent less time blunting it.   I am somewhere along the shaft,  nowhere near the tip,  but ready to do what I can,  when I can,  any time that I may be called upon.

My friend knows I do not bow to political correctness,  and that hysterical charges of racism,  bigotry,  stupidity and intolerance only make me laugh.   He finds comfort in knowing that I and many,  many others are on the farm team,  that we will back him up.   He has no such confidence in the current government,  and less than none in the current occupant of the Oval Office and the various cabinet secretaries.   He has confidence in a small segment of the population who understand what he knows  —  that militant Islam is a disease which destroys,  practiced by people soaked in a culture governed by a religion designed for the convenience of 7th Century authoritarians.   It is indeed  a malignancy  which needs to be excised from humanity,  something which His Oneness either can not comprehend,  or is unwilling to admit.   Are you on the team?




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November 13, 2015 at 11:53 pm

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