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I do not care what  this Palestinian  woman’s back story is — I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever.   I would have been fine with her meeting the same end as  this attacker.   This is what the Palestinian Authority and Abbas and Hamas and the evils of authoritarianism have wrought.   They are not insane in clinical terms,  but they are most certainly warped.

What would you be if your own people forced you back into your home which the Israelis had warned you might be bombed?   I would devote the remainder of my life to killing those who did that to me,  but then I have not been marinated in the stew of anti-Semitism and hatred that Palestinians are born into and which most spend their lives in.   Could I survive such cradle-to-grave indoctrination without becoming a monster? Could you?




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November 9, 2015 at 11:54 pm

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