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Ahmed Chalabi, R.I.P.

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What might have been in Iraq if the State Department and the CIA had not vilified and lied about Ahmed Chalabi.   He was probably the one man who could have unified the country after Saddam’s ouster,  because he both understood democracy and embraced its tenets.   But the entrenched,  long-term corruptocrats at State and the CIA feared Chalabi and found him much more useful as a scapegoat when they failed to find the WMD Saddam had hidden.

Remember this when you vote.   A status quo candidate gives you the continuation of the same bad judgment already endemic at these agencies.   In this election,  Hillary will give you the same lawlessness and corruption which His Oneness has brought.   In fact,  she will depend upon it to stay out of jail,  and she will commit further crimes as her due.

UPDATE:  Here is  someone who disagrees strongly.





Written by timeforthorns

November 4, 2015 at 10:14 am

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