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Halloween 2015…

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This should  help you reach creepy mode.   I doubt you can count on a ghost photo-bombing  you,  even if you’re in New Orleans at the right time.

It’s too late for this year,  but you can get a  jump-start  on growing a BIG pumpkin for next year.   Or you can read about an entire Connecticut school district  banning Halloween  because of a few complainers.   Of course the  race agitators  are out in force,  along with the  PC police,  which would have a meltdown if they had happened  on this before it was altered to be less erotic.   I doubt it would perturb  this shop.

The Philippines apparently goes all out for  dressing up  their dogs for Halloween.   Americans  do it  too.   I could teach Big Girl to fly before I could get her in costume,  though now that she has her winter coats,  she is all fur and feathers and looks pretty spooky as is.   Other places  have other  traditions.

There are astonishing  makeup  techniques,  none of which I judge myself competent  to achieve.   You can  dress yourself  up easily,  or skip the costume in favor of a  chic soiree.  There is even advice for  pairing wines  with your favorite Halloween candy,   along with a  ranking  of the sweet treats.  By the way,  there are non-holiday foods which are  even worse  for you than this season’s candy.

This woman decorated her  parents’ house  to the max.   If your kin is less understanding,  you can always visit  the home  of  Judge Jonathan Corwin,  who presided over the Salem witch trials.  There are other,  high-tech  haunted houses  to thrill you.

Debby Witt from The Corner offers a cornucopia of Halloween-related items  here,  but if you’re a  true devotee  of the occasion,  you already know it.   At any rate,  you can safely ignore the Energy Department’s urge to  blame pumpkins  for climate change,  and plot your journey to these fascinating cemeteries.   Me?  This is how I’m  making my  pumpkin  his year.








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October 31, 2015 at 10:12 am

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