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When combat isn’t combat…

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I borrowed Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s lede because it is perfect,  just one reason you should read her article  here.   Then read Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s muddled explanation of the raid,  the  reason for it  being the discovery of graves dug for the hostages.

A Kurdish news site posted  a video  of the raid.   To my amazement,  the Washington Post noted the first death of an  American serviceman  since the 2011 pullout.   It took National Review to note that His Oneness was notified of the event,  but  didn’t sign  off on it,  thus avoiding,  at least in his own tiny mind,  any responsibility for the death in this non-combat combat situation.

Here is my explanation:

MSG. Joshua Wheeler did not die in combat.   He and some companions were out for a moonlight helicopter ride.   Below them they saw a compound with what appeared to be a group of military brothers in arms. Overcome with the feeling of camaraderie for these men who were also enjoying the Iraqi night,  they landed to exchange pleasantries with these fraternal citizens.

During the meeting,  they decided that a more lasting reminder of the occasion was needed,  so instead of mere words to be blown away on the night wind,  they selected the projectile from rifle cartridges as being most appropriate.   Being metal,  they would be enduring mementos,  and their very character and origin would render them perfect reminders of this meeting between friends engaged in the same occupation.

Unfortunately,  there was some small amount of confusion as to the proper method of exchange.   Being military men and not prone to dwelling on thoughts of the future or risk,  they determined the exchange should be by virtue of the military gear they possessed  —  the rifle.   This would also spare them from walking in the dark across the rough ground separating the groups.

Being such simple men as those who enlist to serve their countries are  — unlike the wise and thoughtful politicians who made their much safer career choice of high pay,  no risk and no responsibility,  thus proving their superiority  —   they had not considered how best to safely catch the gifts.   To his personal consternation and at some loss to his family and friends,  MSG Wheeler caught his souvenir in such a manner as to prove fatal.   It should be remembered that all parties were aware of the perils involved in their choice of profession,  and therefore no aspersions may be cast in the direction of any politicians or bureaucrats.


Written by timeforthorns

October 26, 2015 at 11:50 pm

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