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There are people in this world who should not be allowed to have pets,  much less children.   The rotten SOBs who  threw a puppy  out of the window of a moving car most certainly fall into that category.   In this instance,  there is a happy ending.   Too often there is not,  which is one reason most of my dogs have been rescues.

Unlike young humans,  plenty of whom need to be rescued,  dogs are able to establish trust more quickly.   It took a year for my wonderful border collie to sit down without tucking his tail beneath him,  a sure sign of abuse.   He never lost his hesitation with strangers,  but he was a thoughtful,  loving companion to those he did know well.   Big Girl has an out-sized personality to go along with her large body,  and an abundance of confidence.   I figure she simply left wherever she was when she wasn’t treated well.   She fears nothing,  thinks everyone is a friend unless they ride a rough-running motorcycle,  and her only holdover from being on her own as a youngster is her habit of leaping up and snatching insects flitting by.   She is quite good at catching them.




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October 10, 2015 at 10:17 am

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