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Experts are idiots…

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When psychiatrists start referring to conditions as being on a “spectrum”  you can be fairly certain that is a cover for a lack of understanding.   This article is  a good example.   The one trait all psychopaths share is a lack of empathy  — that is what identifies them as psychopaths.   The other traits can be found in many people who are not psychopathic.   Indeed,  the collection of characteristics mentioned are most often found in sociopaths,  which is the group most serial killers belong to.   How many times have you heard news talking about killers being psychopaths?  Very few are.   Most are actually sociopaths because they must have empathy to understand the pain and terror they are creating in order to achieve something from their actions.  Psychopaths simply don’t care —  they would derive no satisfaction or pleasure from such actions and generally lack any impulse to commit them.

Many renowned CEOs,  if not fully fledged psychopaths,  have psychopathic tendencies,  as do a number of high-level military personnel, and probably some athletes.   Your own boss might be one,  but it’s unlikely you would ever know,  since the majority of them are intelligent and have learned how to blend in with   “normal”  society.

The entire point of this is to remind you that experts often know a great deal less than they claim to.   In my experience,  most people in the field of psychology don’t really understand the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths,  yet they go merrily along,  spreading their ignorance amongst us.   Use your powers of observation and your own experience before you turn to experts on matters of the mind.




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September 6, 2015 at 11:43 pm

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