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Sell your diploma…

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I feel some sympathy for this young woman,  and I applaud the rather dark humor displayed  in her ad,  but what made her think a diploma as a theater major would make her marketable in the real world?

I had a liberal arts diploma,  with majors in English lit and history,  so my employers could safely assume I was literate and could string words together in sentences which could be understood by an ordinary person.   I also learned how to type very well and to take dictation,  which meant I could always get a job somewhere doing secretarial work.   I did my share of it,   but I spent more time as an administrative assistant and a real estate paralegal,  which resulted in higher wages and better utilization of my particular skill sets.

I’m glad I got a college degree.   It was useful to me.  I think a college degree is less useful now,  because you can major in women’s studies,  which is pointless outside of academia and the grievance industry.  If you desire a college diploma,  work to pay for it.  I cooked and tutored and typed.  It doesn’t matter much what part-time jobs you have,  but you’ll learn many valuable lessons from that exposure,  and hopefully select a field which requires more than 50 new workers a year.




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August 31, 2015 at 11:56 pm

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