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Liberal just synonym for smug…

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Kurt Schlichter has a  boffo column  on this subject,  and he’s quite right.   Liberals live on the rarefied air of moral superiority,  despite being utterly intolerant and  quite stingy  with their own resources.   Just review VP) and Mrs. Joe Biden’s paltry charitable giving  —  an average of less than  $400 a year  for a decade is pretty pathetic.   To be fair,  the  Bidens did  better last  year,  but only about two-thirds was in cash and old Joe received nearly $30,000 in Social Security payments that year.

Where do they sense that moral superiority?   They don’t earn it,  they simply assume it by virtue of being liberal and needing to feel superior despite having done nothing to deserve it.   That’s the beauty of liberalism  — you need only thing the  “right”  thoughts and say the  “right”  words and you will magically be granted this feeling.   No matter that your thinking is based on emotion rather than reason,  or that you are no longer capable of presenting a logical argument about anything.  You feel so good,  don’t you?


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August 11, 2014 at 11:54 pm

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