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Dracula’s tomb found?

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Well,  perhaps.  There are some  intriguing indications  that Vlad the Impaler,  as Vlad Dracul came to be known after his death,  may be buried in the church of Santa Maria La Nova.   Maybe they’ll be able to confirm this in time for Halloween.


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June 18, 2014 at 11:51 pm

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Bob Bergdahl, good father…

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This is one  of the rare occasions on which you will see the New Yorker issue faint words of praise for any form of Christianity,  though Calvinism is n uncommon branch these days.   Regrettably the praise is issued in the service of Virginia Cannon’s claim that Bob Bergdahl is a good father.   Had he been a good father,  there is no way his son,  Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl,  would have thought the Army was a Peace Corps with guns.   He would not have believed that he had no obligation to honor the contract he signed,  or the oath that he took.

Had he been raised by a good father,  Bowe would not have left his fellow soldiers behind,  nor would he have somehow twisted the Taliban into a helpful force for the Afghan people.   The good fathers were those who taught their sons honor,  steadfastness and loyalty.   Not everyone is built for courage.  Not everyone can display valor in a crisis.   In every herd of cattle,  the bravest third are always in front,  the less brave third in the middle,  and the least brave at the very back.   Humans sort themselves in a similar way,  though we are loath to admit it.   In a crisis,  some people will simply freeze and be unable to act.   Others can’t decide on what action to take,  but will act if led.  That leaves those few whose brains keep working,  who can judge the situation and the proper response and lead others through it.

Good parents need to give their children only two things:  roots,  then wings.   Bob Bergdahl may have tried very hard to do so,  but he failed miserably.


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June 18, 2014 at 10:16 am