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MLK celebrations…

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For once,  I agree with Dana Milbank  —   his is  the weakest  generation,  which explains his rather pathetic yearning to be part of something historic,  apparently unable to recognize that he and his fellow media progressives continue to participate in the ongoing journalistic malpractice of covering up for the president they all undoubtedly voted for twice.

This weekend’s celebrations will feature  all the usual  suspects,  but few who carry Dr. King’s original intent.  He earned his place in history,  but like many figures,  he was flawed.   His widow has lived very comfortably portraying the widowed wife of a martyr,  with her expensive jewelry and fur coats,  but perhaps she thinks she is due because her husband was a  serial philanderer.   Never mind about connections to the Communist Party and all the rest.

This is a somewhat  more balanced  view of King’s legacy fifty years on.   I will await photos showing the condition of the parade route.

UPDATE:  Unsurprisingly,  speakers were hysterical about the Supreme Court’s recent  ruling on  the Voting Rights Act,  despite their earlier rhetoric about all the progress made.  If  Holder is  really AG because of the marchers,  my opinion of them has decreased drastically.   King’s  niece made  more sense,  but a  bit of history  is still in order,  even for dreamers.   Some of those gathered today didn’t find that the event  met their  expectations.

UPDATE:  ABC  repeats the  Democratic  party mantra  —  no surprise there.   Rick Moran  takes a  more dour attitude.   The Washington Times provides an aftermath photo of the mess left behind by the attendees,   but not one of the Reflecting Pool filled with trash.   It correctly points out that a pile of signs demanding statehood for the District of Columbia tells you the sort of people who would be citizens of that state.


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