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2013 Fourth of July…

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This is the text of  a speech  Rush Limbaugh’s father made.   Some fret that we are a  nation divided,  while a Canadian claims our Revolution  was a flop  because we aren’t Canada (where free speech doesn’t exist any more).  The indispensable Daniel Hannan tells us why Britons  should celebrate  America’s independence. His Oneness emits his customary insincere drivel.

This day was one of  bloody protest  in the last century.   It’s a much  different spirit  of  celebration  these days,  though some cities  canceled their  events or  had vandals  ruin them.   Many places had  heightened security,  and DHS tried  hard to ruin the occasion nationwide.

This document  declared  your freedom,  but it is  the citizens  who  secured it   by a revolt.   71% of those polled think the Founders would  be disappointed  by  the current  America.   I think  the spirit  of  1776 still  exists,  but how much longer will we be capable of producing the heroes willing and able  to fight  for us?

Much of the Southeast had rain, unusually cool weather,  but no lack of celebration.   I enjoyed my day, and I hope you did as well,  always remembering those who pledged their lives,  their fortunes and their sacred honor to win our freedoms,  and those who have paid in blood to maintain it.   The Statue of Liberty  re-opened  for the holiday after extensive repairs to the surrounds due to Hurricane Sandy  — a nice reminder to us all.


Written by timeforthorns

July 5, 2013 at 10:09 am

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