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SOTU lies…

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There were a lot of lies in the State of the Union address Tuesday night,  but the one  about ObamaCare caught my eye since my insurance premiums have doubled.   The Washington Post actually checked some of  the facts and found fault,  as did The Daily Beast in  this piece.   Energy provided another volley of  untruths.

Of  course,  the biggest whopper was that we are  “stronger” than  before,  and there  is  “much progress”  to report.   As Charlie Hurt reported,  His Oneness is going to take more of your money,  despite his claim that he would support the middle class  without spending a dime,  about which there is  a nifty video  on how many dimes.

Andrew Malcolm calculated the  number of cliches  nearly matched the word count.   Peter Ferrara was less  kind.   Victor Davis Hanson  accurately deemed it  the same old boilerplate,  and it surely was,  but he added  new bits  about manufacturing hubs and government-private partnerships and repairing infrastructure as a means to provide jobs.    Wait a minute  —  wasn’t the first stimulus supposed to repair roads and bridges and other parts of infrastructure?    Never mind.   We live in a fantasy world  as painted by the Marxist thief in chief.


Written by timeforthorns

February 14, 2013 at 12:01 am

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