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I happened to be inside during  this rare press conference  and watched it because I was too hot and tired to get up and change the channel.   I nearly spewed my coffee when I heard His Oneness say the private sector was doing fine.   And then he said it was time to get government workers back on the payroll.

I pray the Romney campaign makes several commercials out of this.  The average American is paid less than union workers and gets far less in benefits and pensions.   Obama’s utter ignorance of the reality that  government at all levels kept hiring after the recession hit,  and that only an increase in private employment can provide government with operating funds,  should disabuse anyone of the hope that he understands the economy.   A man who believes government jobs are the only ones worth saving is dangerous beyond measure.

UPDATE:   There’s a video link,  and some brutal facts from James  Pethokoukis about private sector employment.


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June 8, 2012 at 11:49 pm

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