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9/11 after 10…Part IV

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Read Janet Daily on  the wave  of anti-Americanism which soon followed 9/11.  Hat tip to Jay Nordlinger for that,  and you might do well to read the speech Jay gave  a year after  the fact.

We can no longer bask in the  assumption we  are safe,  though progressives think we  should be over  9/11 instead of  remembering  it,  much less  memorializing  the horrific event.

Most of us expected a repeat of 9/11,  and  most of us  still do.   Unlike the Left and   the intellectual elite,  we did not blame America for 9/11,   and we have too much common sense to think that love and  happy thoughts will result in understanding and peace.   suffice.

There are  some odd facts  about 9/11,  and some things which still are not discussed,  including a haunting  chalk drawing  done in the l980s.   Did 9/11 reveal  true Americans?


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September 12, 2011 at 11:58 pm

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9/11 after 10…Part III

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John Podhoretz has an  interesting piece  on the purpose of 9/11.

Hollywood hasn’t been supportive of our troops,  but certain people,  like actor Gary Sinise,  got a wake-up call on 9/11  and did something about that.

Watch  Sen.  Macro Rubio  reflects on  the event.    Cesar Conda gives us  his view from  the White House.   Judge Michael Mukasey has a  different perspective.    IBD wants to know what  the Saudi role  was,  a question still largely unanswered,  which is suddenly pertinent again.

The Anchoress has some  very good links  for you.   America has made  considerable progress  in fighting terrorism,  though I don’t agree that we have lost none of  our civil liberties  in the process.   I concur with Stella  Paul’s views on  how 9/11 gave us His Oneness.

Finish with a feel-good story about  a boat lift  larger than the one at Dunkirk.

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September 12, 2011 at 9:04 am

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