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Hungover parrots…

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Last year some countries had traffic-stopping flocks of frogs.  Britain had  turtles and tortoises running riot in rivers.    Australia had  drunken parrots.

Now the world has  dead birds, crabs,  fish,  and cows.

What does it mean?    End of the world,  or better reporting worldwide?   That depends entirely on who you ask and what you believe.   The climate change mongers shriek that it’s all connected to rotten mankind’s effect on the planet.   Of course,  the only thing they require for a direct causation is the very tenuous circumstance of two things happening within the same time period.

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January 18, 2011 at 11:58 pm

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ObamaCare time bomb…

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Tim Carney has a  devastating piece on the cost aspect of ObamaCare, which was a coverage bill.   Those of us who said the Massachusetts health care plan foretold the disasters of ObamaCare have been proven correct.

I wonder if Rep. Marsha Blackburn will re-file her Health Care Choices for Seniors Act of 2009,  which would allow people to choose their own health care coverage without forfeiting the Social Security benefits they earned.  That’s right  —  if you voluntarily decline Medicare coverage, you will be denied your Social Security benefits.   The government’s insistence that it can force people to sign up for Medicare is currently  being tested in court.

By the way,  don’t get excited about  the new polls out on ObamaCare  —  it features misleading questions and an over-sampling of Democrats.    (h/t Katrina Trinko)

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January 18, 2011 at 9:31 am