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Media poison…

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I am fed up with liberals screaming for civility in political discourse,  then claiming conservatives are responsible for the attack on Rep. Giffords,  joined by their progressive media cabal.   I will give them credit for stretching the rubber-band of creativity well past the breaking point of credulity.   This  has been going on a very long time,  and  also recently.

I am not inclined to be gracious  about the attack  as some of Mark Krikorian ‘s collected advice says.   Nor do I think the answer is as difficult to discern as Heather MacDonald does.

Politico  brings up Giffords “green” votes,  and Keith Olbermann’s hypocrisy in calling for an end to violent rhetoric is exposed by Katrina Trinko.   Paul  Krugman hasn’t done   any better.   Neither man will  heed advice to take a rhetorical cold shower.   Read Victor Davis Hanson on  political vultures,   Jay Nordlinger on  unending hypocrisy,  and be surprised by one source of scolding of the media.

I agree with Roger Kimball that the  Left is wrong to tie metaphorical violence to literal violence.   Unlike John Podhoretz,  I think only some of us  want to know Loughner’s motives.  The Left has no interest in the early surrender of a bloody shirt to wave.    In any event politics didn’t create the shooter’s sickness.    At Slate.com Jack Shafer  defends heated speech.   Glenn Harlan Reynolds calls  it the  politics of  blood libel.

I don’t like Glenn Beck’s challenge letter because it ignores the fact that it is the Left which screams loudest about violence and is quickest to accuse others of it,  but it is most often some element of the Left which employs violence or the threat of  it.   Andrew Klavan  expounds.

It would drive the Left nuts to know that Giffords is being treated by a  Navy doctor who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Band of Brothers, less one more…

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For those of you who enjoyed the riveting tale from World War II,  their leader has died.  (h/t Jonah Goldberg at The Corner).  Be sure to read the comments,  which are touching.

Andrew Langer offers  an explanation of  “Currahee”,  which appears in the comments,  and which doubtless means nothing to you if you aren’t from the Deep South and aren’t a history buff.

Dick Winters said he wasn’t a hero,  but that he had served in a company of them.


Written by timeforthorns

January 11, 2011 at 9:42 am

Auburn ALL IN!

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Auburn and Oregon slugged it out on the field,  and I’m exhausted, but very happy Auburn won.  They deserved it.  The Auburn team has blue T-shirts with just two words printed on them:   ALL IN.

That crystal trophy is what you earn when you have good coaches,  a focused team,  and some talented players.  None of them alone is enough.   You have to leave everything on the field.   You must be ALL IN.

It’s rather remarkable that the University of Alabama won the national championship and the Heisman last year,  and Auburn has done it this year.   The win is some balm for Auburn’s three other undefeated teams which never got the chance to play for the title,  and quite frankly,  I think two of them were actually better teams than this one.

I hope the new conservatives in Congress take this to heart.  In fact I may send them the Auburn T-shirts, because they must also be ALL IN if we’re to stop the progressive disasters.

Written by timeforthorns

January 11, 2011 at 6:48 am