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New cell technology…

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Australians have developed a  cell phone which acts as its own tower.  If they can boost its range,  it would be extremely useful in emergencies when standard cell towers are down.

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August 2, 2010 at 10:43 pm

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A matter of ethics…

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This fall is shaping up to be rather amusing,  since it now appears Maxine Waters may also  be undergoing an ethics trial.   There are few people I would more enjoy seeing in the dock than Rep.  Waters,  who is about as far Left as you can be and not live in the ocean off California.   She has already claimed that   “many members”  are as  sloppy and dismissive of House ethics rules as her good friend Charlie,  so it will be fascinating to see what other gems pop out if her attorneys don’t gag her.

The members of the Congressional Black Caucus will no doubt fly to her defense as they have to Rangel’s,  lest their  uniquely enriching deals also come under scrutiny.   Rangel has had  two years to cut a deal,  but  has refused,  preferring to have his lawyers lobby for  dismissal of all charges.   If you aren’t familiar with the charges,  Charlie Hurt has a look at them,  here,  though John Podhoretz says the politician’s decades-long neglect of Harlem is the worst crime.

Wes Pruden points how how many Ways and Means Chairmen have gone down this road before.   Few of  Rangel’s  colleagues have deserted him,  though His Oneness has already casually tossed him under the bus,  and I expect  more sympathy to come from liberal media,  which could care less about the ethics,  but worries about the effect on Democrats.     No doubt Charlie’s  birthday party will be awash with the sentiment.

Rangel is already employing the  everyone-does-it defense,  and is claiming his  constitutional rights were violated because he hasn’t had enough time to mount a defense,  violating the Fifth Amendment’s due process clause.   Regardless of the eventual outcome,  his legacy  will be tainted,  and that is as it should be.   It appears that the limestone mansion slated to hold the Charles B. Rangel Center  for Public Service is  itself  already a fitting monument,  and will likely remain so.

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August 2, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Harris Neck return…

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Let’s see,  in 1942 it was Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt who took Harris Neck from the families,  and in 1962 it was another Democratic president,  also known by his initials,  JFK,  who converted the land to a wildlife refuge.

Now it’s a Republican trying to  help the families in their quest for the return of their land.

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August 2, 2010 at 8:35 am