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ObamaCare fast forward…

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Is anyone surprised that after saying at the summit he’d consider matters for 6 weeks  His Oneness  will announce the new course this week?

Andy McCarthy has an excellent post at The Corner about taking the wrong lessons from the electoral scene.   This column helps explain the true purpose of ObamaCare.

Jennifer Rubin points out  some things which should have been learned from the health summit.

And no,  His Oneness doesn’t care what the  voters think about health care or anything else, though the number who think the government is operating  without our consent must provide reason for haste.    If he  rams through some sort of health care bill,   he acquires control of nearly 50% of the US economy.   He can acquire another 10% through regulation and use that means to gain some control of much of the remainder.

Even an incompetent president wields  enormous power.

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February 28, 2010 at 12:49 pm

His Oneness explains…

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This is sure to bring a wry smile to your face.

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February 27, 2010 at 2:38 pm

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Paterson gone…

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New York Governor was adamant that he was staying in his campaign for election to the office he stepped into — except he’s  not anymore.

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February 27, 2010 at 11:22 am

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Summit, the morning after…

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This cartoon bespeaks the general attitude of His Oneness quite well.

Michael Goodwin has  an angle I hadn’t thought of in connection to the summit,  which is that His Oneness can no longer be portrayed as an innocent party caught between various forces,  or even an honest broker.

The Washington Times  characterizes His Oneness as listening mostly to himself, while the UK Times  opined he was trying to bore us into submission.   Drudge highlighted the fact that Democrats spoke for 233 minutes,  versus 114 for Republicans,  but of course Obama said he was the president and therefor his time didn’t count against the Democrats.

Stephen Spruiell looks at  the numbers the Democrats couldn’t refute,  Breitbart fact-checks  claims,  and IBD blogs a brutal summation of the president’s tactics.    The Weekly Standard has a chuckle  (and video) of Rep. Ryan vs. His Oneness,  while Newsbusters takes an  overall look.  Don Surber has my favorite quote,  here.

Now that His Oneness is doing exactly what he intended all along,   the reliably obtuse Henry Waxman gushes over his master’s performance as rendering the public  unconcerned with passing government takeover through reconciliation.   If you disagree,  Waxman’s number in DC is   202/225-3976  and in  L.A. it’s  (323) 651-1040.

UPDATE:   This cartoon gives an approval.

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February 26, 2010 at 5:28 am

Summit – preliminary roundup…

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Several folks at American Spectator  watched bits and  pieces of the time-waster,  but Philip Klein courageously watched all of it and thought  Republicans did rather well.   I agree that some of the tactics employed by His Oneness  ranged from the unimpressive to the downright arrogant.

I thought  Paul Ryan was especially effective,  and I admit to being surprised at Lamar  Alexander’s strength on  premiums and reconciliation.

If Jonathan Chait thinks  Obama was doing only “OK”,  it means that His Oneness is being even more the lecturer than I thought he was.  Yuval Levin thinks the event was  a mistake for the Dems,  and Jay Nordlinger  thinks it put paid to the endlessly repeated mantra that Republicans know nothing about health care and are cruelly indifferent to people.

While I thought the GOP was a bit too respectful,  and didn’t defend themselves adequately on all points,  they certainly appeared  well-informed,  quite prepared with data,  and passionate about their positions.

Overall,  I can’t disagree with Philip Klein’s view that His Oneness got a draw in circumstances which required much more of him,  considering that the public has already turned its thumbs down on the bills.

Oh drat!   I totally forgot to give the link to Commentary’s live-blogging.    Still,  go back and  read the comments for a good flavor of what the 7 hour marathon was like.

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February 25, 2010 at 11:42 pm

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Thiessen vindicated….

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Declassified documents have proven Marc Thiessen correct,  first with regard to the  Library Tower plot,  second as to the  inadequacy of interrogations under constrictions of the Army Field Manual.

And while we were watching His Oneness become increasingly prickly at the health summit,  Democrats were busy attacking the CIA via a new provision in the intelligence bill which would enact a criminal statute banning  “cruel,  inhuman and degrading treatment.”   That language is even more vague than the Geneva Conventions or the various gaseous pronouncements of the UN.

Andy McCarthy does a brilliant job of laying out this travesty and showing that the Bybee/Yoo witch-hunt was partisan and political.  Democrats could have criminalized waterboarding at any time since His Oneness took office,  but to have done so before now would have been a tacit admission that waterboarding was not illegal when the Bush CIA was using it.   And that would have removed any excuse for the witch-hunt.

Be very clear about what this means,  which is that Democrats would rather see thousands of us die than subject a terrorist to sleep-deprivation.   Yes,  it IS that stark a choice.

Watch this video of Pete Hoekstra  blasting the Democrats, and read Liz Cheney’s withering  statement.

This becomes another sorry chapter in How to Lose Against Terrorism.

UPDATE:  We succeeded in getting the entire intel bill pulled so that the amendment doesn’t become law.   Will Democrats begin wailing that Republicans don’t honor our intel services because they voted against this wonderful bill?    Lordy,   I hope progressives are stupid enough to do that.

And this comes atop Democrats being unable to dig up the votes on Wednesday night to add new privacy protections to the nation’s primary counterterrorism law,  resulting in a one-year extension of key parts of the Patriot Act which would have expired on Sunday.

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February 25, 2010 at 10:13 pm

Health theater….

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If you want to keep track of the  summit,  keep refreshing a link to Critical Condition.

So far,  Democrats are sticking with their plan to simply keep lying about what their plans do and how much they cost.   We the People are just too stupid to understand how the geniuses can provide more coverage for more people for less money.

They can’t,  of course,   and the Republicans are doing a fair job of pointing out the enormous costs and how the middle class would be hardest hit by them.   Republican speakers are using facts and data,  while Democrats are unloading a lot of anecdotes.    Do they really think it’s smart to keep reminding viewers that instead of having a recalcitrant insurance company to deal with,  they’ll have the indifferent,  incompetent federal government?

The Democratic attitude can best be summed up by His Oneness, who says, “I don’t mean to interrupt,”   then proceeds to do just that.   Obama has been effective in not answering questions and avoiding certain topics, but his skin seems to be thinning.   I’m one of the many people who urged Jon Kyl to run for re-election once more,  and am I ever glad he did!

I don’t think I can take much more of this….thank God for lunch breaks…

Go  here for links to the Twitter accounts of a bunch of National Review folks who think and write well enough that the strict character limit doesn’t seem much of a burden to them.

Lunch is over.  Most cable stations have deserted the summit, but CNN is still there.    Just guessing,  but I don’t think His Oneness likes Paul Ryan a bit.   The more Ryan talks about budgetary smoke and mirrors and fictitious numbers,  the more of Obama’s mouth is covered by his hand.   Has coverage dropped off a cliff because  it’s boring,  or because Ryan has tripped up the erstwhile host on the numbers as well as having respectfully submitted that His Oneness isn’t listening to the people?

We’re getting an increasing number of “ers” and “uhs” and “ahs” from His Oneness, and a lot of use of the hands.  You don’t need to be a body language expert to realize that this show isn’t working out quite as the White House envisioned.  It was supposed to be game, set and match Obama,  and it hasn’t turned out that way at all,  even with the Democratic attendees behaving as if universal care is inevitable.

Even CNN has relegated the summit to a box while it chatters about related matters.    I think that’s the signal for me to get some fresh air and leave the reporting to others.   There are limits,  you know,  and I have reached mine.

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February 25, 2010 at 6:34 pm

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