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His Oneness met with the House GOP members on Friday and it was quite interesting.   I give full props to the President for showing up,  though I’m sure he thought it would be a slam-dunk stage for him.   He did avoid most of the vacuous phrasing he commonly uses,  and at least sounded serious about the deficit and health-care reform,  even though I discerned no diminution of his  innate arrogance,  nor much decrease in his professorial lecturing.   And I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when he claimed not be an ideologue.   Philip Klein takes a  less charitable view.

The big winner was the GOP,  which  hardly looked like the single-minded obstructionists His Oneness continuously portrays them as.    He was forced to admit that the GOP does have some solutions on offer,   which might come back to haunt him.   The members were civil,   but they  gave as good as  they got,  and my sense was that His Oneness didn’t like it.

I especially liked the exchange with Rep.  Paul Ryan,  who is one of the sharpest knives in the drawer,   and an administration critic I’m sure Obama regards as too damned  effective.

Do I think His Oneness will stop saying if anybody has any ideas, send them to me?   No,  because he has already switched to “better ideas”,   so he can continue to have it all ways.    Nor do I think any reporters other than Jake Tapper,  Major Garrett,  or Les Kinsolving will have the balls to ask at a presser why his meetings with the Democratic House members aren’t televised.

I doubt Pelosi and Hoyer will be accepting Rep.  Eric Cantor’s challenge any time soon.    Nor will His Oneness get tutoring in simple math,  which  he needs.

The 1 hour 26 minutes is well worth your time.   Send it to your liberal relatives to annoy them by Obama showing up,  and terrify them that Obama might actually be trying to distance himself from Congressional Democrats!


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January 31, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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