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Foreign foulup continues…

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The sea-based Aegis system Obama  has switched to has a range of about 100 miles,  so the Czechs are out in the cold along with a chunk of the Poles.    That is what Obama accomplishes by focusing on short-   and medium-range missile threats.    The potential land-based system would use SM-3 interceptors which are widely held to be unready —- isn’t being unproven the metric His Oneness uses for killing SDI  (Star Wars) missile defense for the USA?

More comment here,  a good statement from Jon Kyl,  and a killer comment from Peter Kirsanow.   Rich Lowery posts comments from former Ambassador to the UN,  John Bolton.

Here are some of the equipment details from Global Security,  and here  are two less  nerdy  articles which  point  to some weaknesses.

Biden is making nice with Poland but I suspect the Poles are missing George W. Bush greatly.

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