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Prize for peace?

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Gateway  Pundit offers some not-so-peaceful statements from His Oneness.    Of course,  they’re directed at his political opponents, not tyrants or terrorists.

Rich Lowery thinks Obama deserves the award,  but as an insult.   WSJ’s Bret Stephens finds the prize perfect for what the late Oriana Fallaci called a “goodist” — read the  piece for a definition which makes it all clear.

Dennis Prager thinks the moral  idiots in Oslo had specific goals in mind,  while Noemie Emery thinks they were simply aiming at Pres. George W.  Bush without any  other consideration.

John LeBoutillier is more concerned with Obama’s internal reaction to the prize, while  Lanny Davis makes his customary attempt to square all the corners so he’ll appear moderate.    Peter Hannaford finds the award very well deserved and informative.

John Cole makes his statement with a cartoon,  but incredibly, Thomas Friedman offers His Oneness a wonderful acceptance speech he should deliver on behalf of the American military.


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October 15, 2009 at 2:18 pm

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