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Kill the bad tidings bearer…

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Why is the White House  going after FOX News as being a Republican mouthpiece?   Didn’t Communications Director Anita Dunn realize she was admitting that most of the rest of the media are allies?    Was she unaware that she was calling all the liberals and independents  — and there are a LOT of them — who watch FOX idiots,  dolts and Republican stooges?    Well,  that’s certainly going to win them over,  just like the DNC calling the tea partiers a mob.

Back to the question.   For one thing,  “Republican” doesn’t poll nearly as well as “conservative,”  so the Obamacons want to denigrate FOX and tie it to the most unpopular term in their lexicon.

Additionally,  His Oneness wants an excuse to weaken the media shield so much that even Chuck  Schumer is complaining.    We won’t be able to depend on little Chuckie to step in when the FCC uses  “community standards”  to destroy conservative talk radio, so don’t get your hopes up.

And don’t forget that Glenn Beck  and his staff have already exposed Van Jones,  one of the many radicals His Oneness has chosen to surround himself with.   And Beck has connected the incestuous lines between ACORN and SEIU,   and is now showing the myriad examples of  the organization’s tendrils which extend very deeply indeed into the Democratic Party.

The economic crisis hasn’t been enough,  neither has Afghanistan,   or even the Nobel Prize.    FOX is still,  you know, REPORTING the news,  along with those awful things called facts, making it the evil bearer of bad tidings.    The Chicago Way does  not allow for such unseemly  behavior toward His Oneness.

And now Glenn Beck is running a video of Ms. Dunn saying that “the two people I turn to the most” are Mother Teresa and Mao Tse Tung.   The Friday press conference should  be very interesting.

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October 15, 2009 at 10:23 pm

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Prize for peace?

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Gateway  Pundit offers some not-so-peaceful statements from His Oneness.    Of course,  they’re directed at his political opponents, not tyrants or terrorists.

Rich Lowery thinks Obama deserves the award,  but as an insult.   WSJ’s Bret Stephens finds the prize perfect for what the late Oriana Fallaci called a “goodist” — read the  piece for a definition which makes it all clear.

Dennis Prager thinks the moral  idiots in Oslo had specific goals in mind,  while Noemie Emery thinks they were simply aiming at Pres. George W.  Bush without any  other consideration.

John LeBoutillier is more concerned with Obama’s internal reaction to the prize, while  Lanny Davis makes his customary attempt to square all the corners so he’ll appear moderate.    Peter Hannaford finds the award very well deserved and informative.

John Cole makes his statement with a cartoon,  but incredibly, Thomas Friedman offers His Oneness a wonderful acceptance speech he should deliver on behalf of the American military.

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October 15, 2009 at 2:18 pm

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Snowe job…

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Well,  as I expected,  Sen.  Olympia Snowe rolled over and became the only Republican to vote the health monstrosity out of the Finance Committee.

If she doesn’t see where it leads,  she’s stupid and needs a new job.  If she does,  but voted for it anyway,  she’s as bad as the wealth-eaters and freedom-destroyers who crafted it.    Since her comment was that she had misgivings,  but  “when history calls, history calls,”  I’m inclined towards the latter.    She claimed that her vote today was no forecast of her vote tomorrow,  but she did the damage by voting it out of committee.    Her vote on the floor is therefore less meaningful.

Stephen Spruiell offers a  reason why she voted for the measure.

At this moment,  43 cents of every dollar spent by the  government is BORROWED money.    That means that much of the money the government collects next year will have to go towards paying interest on those borrowed funds.   There will be none to reduce the deficit,  and His Oneness will have to borrow still more to fund his welfare schemes.

UPDATE:  A cartoon that takes a wonderful dig at Snowe.

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October 15, 2009 at 10:00 am

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Obama birth pops up again…

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Here’s a link to an article from the June 27, 2004  edition of the Sunday Standard,  with this heading:

Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

I have been to the paper’s archives and brought up the front page which shows a listing for this article.

JB Williams sent out an email alert on this,  and it should prove interesting,  especially since a later article on Obama winning the Democratic nomination seems to have already been scrubbed.

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October 15, 2009 at 6:35 am

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Sad anniversary…

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October 15th a year ago,  Melanie Phillips  warned everyone,  but 52% of us refused to listen.   (h/t BloodhoundRealty)

And now we’re stuck with a Narcissist in chief surrounded by the sorts of radical America-haters he’s comfortable with.   And when His Oneness fails America,  as he will,  those same radicals will blame America for not wanting to become socialist and opponents will be the radicals and extremists responsible for it,  and racists, too,  if they’re white,  or race-traitors if black.

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October 15, 2009 at 6:18 am

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