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An inconvenient question…

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Since His Oneness mentioned global warming in accepting the Nobel Peace Prize,   you should know that environmental journalists,  like most liberal journalists,   represent and work for their ideology first, and their “profession” a distance second.

Watch what  happens when someone asks  a question about the UK court-adjudicated major errors in Al Gore’s   “An Inconvenient Truth”  —  the environmental journalists cut off the questioner’s mike!  Real journalists would have covered  this or even this.

The man who inquires is Phelim McAleer,  who has a new documentary,  “Not Evil Just Wrong” ,  coming out.    I am inclined to see those pushing global warming/climate change hysterics as not merely wrong,  but evil,  as their goals are monetary gain,  and power and control.    They don’t give a damn about the earth,  and certainly not about the people who inhabit it,  particularly we Americans who stand as ever more irritating obstacles to global governance and control.

If Al Gore or Barack Obama actually thought the earth were coming to an end, they would be speaking about it constantly.  Al Gore rarely does any sort of press conference,  and has evaded every opportunity for the debate which he claims is over.    Why?  Because he would get his head handed to him.   I suspect the very mention of the names of Michael  Coren,  Chris  Horner and Lord Monckton makes the Gore sweat machine kick into warp drive.    In case you don’t remember,  Christopher Monckton was supposed to testify alongside Al Gore at an April Congressional hearing,  but the Democrats refused to allow him to appear,   knowing he would destroy not only His Goreness,  but also put paid to their cap and trade schemes.

UPDATE:  The Wall Street Journal weighs in here.

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