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Voter’s remorse….

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I was cruising some blog sites this morning where the chatter was all about His Oneness and Our Lady of Perpetual Dissatisfaction.  The following are plucked from some of the commenters:

“…I hated Bush with a passion….right now I would BEG to get him back Obama is just a JOKE...”

“…Stop trying to blame Bush for everything this fool has done. Bush was bad, but this beast is disastrous…”

” …i think he wants america to lose in aghan… this president much resign… he can not govern.. and it is too bad… i voted for this guy…”

There were plenty of posts saying His Oneness was our savior and  Our Lady of Perpetual Dissatisfaction was as beautiful as Jackie Kennedy.   Many said the Obamas did a good thing by celebrating their anniversary locally,  and that Our Lady was attractive but hardly in Mrs.  Kennedy’s league.

It would appear some of the glitter has fallen off the First Celebrities.

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October 5, 2009 at 3:50 pm

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