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ACORN nuts falling…

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ACORN’s sleazy publicist is denying it,  but BigGovernment is reporting that the organization is facing massive layoffs as funding dries up.   You’ll see nothing about this in  MSM until long after the deed is done,   since liberals have no desire to have the very dirty laundry of this group exposed,  along with the myriad tentacles of its afiliates,   which reach very deeply into the Democratic party and the Obama administration.

Stanley Kurtz did splendid work on this in May of 2008, and has follow-up  here.

Did you believe His Oneness on his Sunday show sweep when he claimed to pay no  attention to ACORN?    Well,  he doesn’t have to,  because his political  director is an ACORN man.

I’ve long thought ACORN’s voter  registration work is why we have Sen.  Al Franken,  so I am unsurprised at what has been found in documents discovered in an abandoned  Oklahoma office.  Nor am I astonished to learn that ACORN followed none of the very sound advice given to them by a lawyer the organization hired to “improve” itself.


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October 3, 2009 at 11:53 pm

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