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Lest you believe Democrats are operating in good faith on health care reform,  read this account of the Senate Finance Committee killing Jim Bunning’s amendment,  which would have required the committee to have the legislative language of its health care bill evaluated by the Congressional Budget Office before voting on it

The Bunning amendment would also have required the committee to have the legislative language of the bill,  along with the CBO cost estimate,  posted on the internet for 72 hours before a vote.

So now the CBO scoring will be done only on the plain-English version,  which all but guarantees that estimate will be meaningless.    Ted Kennedy’s staff will be burning the midnight oil crafting legislative language to stuff in all the goodies within the legislatese which they are superbly skilled at producing.

One thing in our favor is that We the People,  having delivered something north of half a million people to DC on 9/12,  have developed a voice.   Even if you were in attendance only in spirit, you OWN part of that voice,  so use it.   If your Congress critters are  Republican, call their local or DC offices, or both, to stiffen their opposition against the putrid health reform bill.    If they are Democrats,  make them aware that you know this is a thinly disguised takeover of another sixth of the economy by the federal government and that you won’t stand for it.


Written by timeforthorns

September 24, 2009 at 10:22 am

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