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Tea Party Express hits DC…

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Nancy Pelosi sent out a memo warning there could be up to 2 million protesters — so she could declare the project a flop when there weren’t that many.  The main organizers were hoping for 50,000+.

FOX hasn’t been showing enough of the crowd,  but it is BIG, per the photos from ShoutFirst,  and we also know it’s very large because MSNBC is calling it an anti-Obama march.   Do watch the CNN reporter getting drowned out by the crowd,   and check out the links as well.

Will the same media which tried to inflate the 1.2 or 1.3 million who came for the Obama coronation to 2 million make the same effort here?     Best early estimates were nearly half a million,  but current ones are running up to a million.    I discount the ABC guess of 2 million for the reason above,  but there is this and the UK’s Daily Mail.   I predict the bounce His Oneness got from his speech  will  shortly sag like old wire in a Montana wind.

And unlike the ACORN and labor unions bused in to Democratic events,   nearly all of these attendees made their own arrangements and paid their own way!

New photos and commentary.    Mollie Hemmingway is Twittering from the scene quoting some of the signs.    She says there are 100s of thousands.    Her husband Mark has some photos and observations.    And here are some crowd estimates


Written by timeforthorns

September 12, 2009 at 8:53 pm

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