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Ramadan dinner guest…

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The White House had a very special guest last night for its dinner celebrating Ramadan,  one Jameel Jaffer,   a Canadian citizen,  vetted by White House staff,   invitation approved by the White House Counsel’s Office and the Office of Political Affairs.

Jaffer runs the ACLU’s “national security project,”  and  is  a leader in pushing for the closure of Gitmo and providing legal rights to detainees.  You can find an long laundry list of his pro-terrorist, anti-American activities at the American Spectator.

It’s widely believed  he was among the lawyers providing legal advice to the Justice Department for creating an investigation of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques,  which have already been thoroughly investigated.

Mr.  Jaffer was also a lead attorney trying to get a 2004 visa ban lifted for Tariq Ramadan,  a notorious Islamist.

Money quote from the Spectator piece is from a current CIA employee:  “…Work against America and get invited to the White House for dinner with the president. .. ”

Now try telling me that His Oneness didn’t want AG Eric Holder to go after the Bush Administration,  specifically VP Cheney,   via the CIA.    Convince me how open and transparent and accountable this White House is.     Repeat how forward-looking the Obama Administration is  in all things.    Get me a magic carpet….


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