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Stupidity on steroids…

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It was bad enough when HomeSec Sec. Napolitano claimed there was no point in closing the Mexican border,  since the H1N1 virus was already in the US.     Then Obama repeated it,  using the analogy of shutting the barn door after the horses had bolted.     Yesterday, Napolitano said it again.

That is stupid on steroids!    Let me use a different analogy.    Suppose you must walk through a mine field to reach safety.    There are two routes.    One route has mines set, but no more can be laid.     Along the other route,  people are constantly placing more mines.    Which route will you take?

You chose the first route beause you aren’t stupid and don’t have a death wish.   With any infectious disease,  if you control localized eruptions,  but continually allow new cases in to create fresh outbreaks,  the number of total infections would be higher.    The effect of new influx will be minimal if a true pandemic is already present,  but that is not currently the  case.

So by using simple common sense, you,  dear readers,  have proven yourselves far smarter,  and much more honest,  than His Oneness,  with his Ivy League degrees and graciously received acclimation as a brilliant man/politician/leader of the universe.

I was constantly amazed during the Clinton years at how brilliant both of them were held to be,  despite the truly dumb things they regularly did.    Obama is the same,  only worse,  because Big Media won’t report most of his gaffes,  let alone hold him accountable for them.   Another current example is the Chrysler bankruptcy,  which a month ago His Oneness was claiming to be unacceptable,  along with Chuck Schumer and a whole host of other Democratic luminaries.  Now,  it’s suddenly a good thing and the saving of not only Chrysler, but the entire auto industry.

Remember Reagan saying that liberals “just know so much that isn’t so”?    Man,   does it ever apply now!

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May 1, 2009 at 3:35 pm

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  1. ACORN needs those borders open for the census count and illegal alien voter registration. Not only will they not shut down the border, there’s already talk of reviving amnesty again. This time they have the votes.


    May 2, 2009 at 2:06 pm

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