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Noemie Emery has a superb in-your-face piece on enhanced interrogations,  welcoming a “truth commission” which will show the liars for what they are.    She obviously doesn’t share Ted Olson’s fears about a never-ending investigation,  nor does Stuart Taylor.

Former CIA Director,  Porter Goss,  lets loose on his former congressional colleagues who seem to be suffering severe memory lapses.   It’s more personal, and more sharply directed than this Washington Times piece,  which focuses mainly on Speaker Pelosi.

Ilana Mercer is forthright about her views on torture,  and merciless in rubbishing the switchers.    Hal  Lindsay is content to point out the utter lack of logic Obama employed in making his decision to release the memos.   David Limbaugh weighs in on it from a national security standpoint.

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April 27, 2009 at 4:03 am