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Tea parties a success…

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Judging by the MSM’s open hostility to the nationwide string of tea parties, I think they can be judged a real success.    I managed to  make 2 of them — when you have a big truck, people are very happy to have you deliver chairs and signs and such to their rally point.   I’m behind on the greenhouse cleanup and planting, but I’ve really got to go bushhog some dry spots before it rains again this weekend.

The organizers had a steep slope to climb, as IBD  pointed out.    Lorie Byrd had 5 reasons why you should attend a party.

Phil Brennan chimes in, asking what’s next.   Various encouragements and reports from the field,   here ,  a good  slideshow of photos,   here,  and here some on

Predictably, the Left didn’t like the tea parties, and a CNN reporter turned nasty in a hurry.

But a group trying to deliver a million teabags lacked the proper permit and politely gave up, instead of following the lead of one brave soul who tossed some over the White House fence, which sent the entire complex into lockdown.

And MSM must surely be annoyed that Google aggregated reports on the tea parties, here.

UPDATE:  The best promotion:  the Greenville, SC, Tea Party,  sold  the ‘Obama burger’ — you pay for 1 and they cut it in half and give the rest to the guy behind you for free!!


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